We use cutting edge technologies in our practice.


We use revolutionary GentleWave® technology in our practice which uses the broad spectrum acoustic energy and fluid dynamics to clean the root canals efficiently and thoroughly. Please visit our GentleWave® page to learn more about this new technology that helps us achieve superior debridement and disinfection of the root canal spaces and achieve optimal and predictable results.

Operation Microscopes

It is very critical for an endodontist to see minor details inside of your tooth during your root canals treatment. These microscopes provide powerful magnification and fiberoptic illumination that will help the doctor to see tiny details inside your tooth that allows for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Problems such as calcified canals, atypical anatomy, cracks, and root fractures can be better visualized and treated. The microscope helps us in providing conservative treatments and quality care.

Digital X-rays

In our office, we use digital x-rays which use 90% less radiation compared to conventional X-rays.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography

The CBCT is a highly specialized imaging system that produces 3-D image scans of teeth and their surrounding structures that are free from superimposition from surrounding anatomical structures which is a common drawback with conventional 2-D x-rays. In other words, the CBCT images are the true representation of the three-dimensional structures. This technology allows us to thoroughly and predictably evaluate and diagnose areas resulting in better diagnostic and treatment outcomes for our patients.

We use other technologies in our practice that help us improve efficiency and effectiveness during your root canal treatment like electric handpieces, ultrasonics, apex locators, rotary instrumentation, etc.